Submit to His Will

A while back, I found a neat little daily devotional from Grace Gems.  Today’s particularly struck me because of the delays so many people are experiencing in bringing home their babies from Liberia (and I’m sure other places too).  God was so very good to little Precious and to us, some people have waited much longer to bring home their little blessings. 

I think about this situation we are in with some family members.  I think about what our children (esp. our oldest), and others, see as church hopping.  When in fact, we are only seeking God’s will for our lives.  Shane and I have discussed at length what we would have done if we knew then what we know now.  Looking back, all of this was God’s design.  Somehow He will use our experiences for His good and His glory.  For now, we will submit to where he leads, and that is His holy will. 

We are to submit to His holy will

(Mary Winslow, "Walking with Jesus")

There is nothing that can take place towards a
child of God but what our heavenly Father designs,
in infinite love, for our spiritual advancement, and
His own glory. We are to submit to His holy will,
and believe that there was a ‘needs be’ for it.

The Lord loves His children too well to lay upon
them the weight of a feather, without an absolute
necessity, and without some wise and loving
purpose. God deals wisely and graciously with
us in all His varying dispensations.

If tears could be shed in heaven, we would
weep that we ever mistrusted His goodness
in His dealings towards us.