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Thursday night we were blessed to go to the Gaither Homecoming.  This was the makeup concert from back in December when their buses got stuck on I-70 outside of St. Louis in the ice storm. 

I strapped Precious in my Ergo and off we went.  I’m sure a minimum of 15 people came and talked to me about Precious, or waved, pointed and smiled from several feet away either before the show, or during intermission. 

Talk about a "babe magnet"  how about a "magnet baby" 

It was wonderful to share her story with people that understand God’s wonderful miracles.  I mentioned this to Shane, and he said, "I know– I told you everyone on the plane (when they were coming home from Liberia) knew who we were" 

The rest of the children got compliments from those around us–always makes a parent’s heart glad.  It was raining as we left, the children were ready to go  a few minutes before it was over– great call.  No cars to dodge while we were dodging the rain, no traffic to battle.  Smooth sailing all the way home. 

It has been in the 70’s and nearly 80 at least one day here, until Thursday the skies had been clear.  Precious loves her swing.  And Daddy held her the other night while we all popcorned her giggling little self. 

Wed. I took her to Portrait Innovations and had her first pics taken since she’s been home.  DON’T and I mean DON’T go into that place unless you have some real willpower.  They have this wonderful little $10 special but all of the pics are so cute, it’s hard to escape with only those.  But we did get a CD of all the pictures that were taken.  I’ll put some up as soon as I get a few minutes (this dial up thing ya know?).  We took a pretty spring dress, her African outfit and then she did some shots of her in her diaper with a fuzzy pink boa and beads wrapped around her– adorable.  The problem was I wanted one in each outfit.   Next time, I take ONE outfit only!  And we’ll see if my willpower is better.  Better yet, next time, I’ll go to Penney’s. 


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