Don’t Forget to Enter

The contest for the first batch of cookies in my new Nesco/American Harvest Jet Stream oven ends tonight.  I have gotten a few more entries,

You may email me or leave a comment with your guess.  I know there have been some problems so I’ll link my email addy here.

In case you’ve forgotten or don’t know.  Here is the contest.  The person that guesses the amount I paid for my oven that retails for $149.99, or the person that gets the closest to the amount paid wins.  Everything I have put in this thing so far has been great– from boiled eggs to popcorn shrimp.  So I’m sure these cookies will be wonderful too. 

Gotta run– time for Bible study!



One thought on “Don’t Forget to Enter

  1. It's 12:09 a.m. here in Colorado, so I've missed your contest, but my guess would have to be 99.99 plus tax… I'm a sucker for good deals, so figured you may be too!

    Thanks for the encouragement on my blog. I'm pretty sure we'll be homeschooling (the old fashioned way) next semester, barring any unforeseen acts of God.
    Apparently you have a new family member???? WOW!!! How awesome is God (& Precious)!!!
    Congrats to you all. Happy family building to you!

    I'm up…so is hubby… We're not exactly in "one accord" so we're on the net (he's working) so we're not going to bed in our anger. Pretty dumb, hunh?

    When you see this, could you say a prayer for us? I'm rarely at a non-praying point, but my thoughts toward God tonight are…non-intelligible. Ever been so stressed you couldn't pray. It's a new thing for me. I'm getting into the Word after I post the blog I was working on before I sent this note to you.

    Be blessed in your joy!


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