The Winner is…

Karen at OurLittleSchoolRoom

No one guessed exactly.  But that would be kind of hard to do–so many numbers between 0 and 149.99. 

I paid $20.00 for my "new to me" jet stream oven.  But I told Shane last night, that I might even be able to bring myself to pay the $149.00 now.  I absolutely love this thing.  Everything that should come out crisp, does.  It even re-heated Shane’s "famous to us" smoked ribs without drying them out like the microwave does. 

The only thing it won’t do, that my microwave will do, is re-heat liquids.  You know like coffee after it’s been sitting 3 hours and you haven’t taken the first sip because you’ve been busy helping with schoolwork, cleaning up the messes, and changing dirty diapers, and chasing frogs out of the house. 

And yes, I told Karen I’d try to send cookies to Canada–we’ll see how that works. 

Thanks for playing.  I sure wish I could send cookies to everyone!!! 


2 thoughts on “The Winner is…

  1. after finishing the lemonade cleanse…i was looking forward to midwestern chocolate chip cookies…just to see if they taste any different then those we make in the west…


  2. .. my first guess was $20.00! i just thought i'd give it a little bit more i should stick with my first instinct everytime, they seems to be always more accurate..haha!


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