A Wonderful Surprise

Yesterday afternoon the phone rang, it was Shane telling me that his boss came in and offered him a free night in this fancy hotel in Branson.  Only 2 catches– it’s gotta be used this weekend, and we have to pay tax.  I think we can handle $30 for a night in a $260 room.   And Shane’s off work on Friday.  So…. we’re going to Branson.  He was also able to get some free tickets to a couple of things down there.  "Celebrate America" the Imax and the Presidental Museum.  Should keep us busy.  And if it doesn’t, they have a movie theatre in the hotel with stadium seating– if it’s not being used, we can take our own movie and enjoy.  (We just got "Flywheel" from Netflix, so guess where it’s going?)  They also have an indoor pool, outside play area for the children and a full service spa treatment for extra "big" bucks– don’t think so.

Have you seen this at Gena’s blog?  Wouldn’t it be great if more Pastors had this kind of wake-up call? 

On a different note, we’ve had 2 turkeys in a pen in the backyard for nearly a year now.  We planned on butchering them for Thanksgiving, but they weren’t very big.  So, there they sit.  Sunday, Shane was mowing and called the children over, there was a turkey egg in the pen, got another one the next day too.  Imagine that… after an entire year.  I thought they were playing an April fools joke on me until Shane came in and said it was true. 

You might be wondering about the difference in the 2 kinds of eggs.  (actually we have a couple of goose eggs in the fridge too, someone gave us a few weeks ago).  The turkey egg is, of course, bigger and it is quite a bit heavier than chicken eggs. 

Have a wonderful Easter, remembering the sacrifice that our Lord made on that cruel cross, but also the joy that comes in knowing the promise of eternal life for those that trust in Him. 


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  1. The men's retreat at church going to be on Branson towards the end of April, too bad it won't be earlier, he doesn't want to go but if it will be same weekend, I would have convince him we all go, so he can do the men thing and I can get a hug from you..


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