Can You Help??? Birthday Cards for Grandma

Some of you may remember that Shane’s Grandpa passed away last summer.  His wife of 66 years has been moved from the farm to an assisted living apartment.  She will be 88 years old in a few days (April 14th).  Shane’s Dad and Aunt’s are asking for birthday cards to be sent to her.   Sure would be nice to shower her with cards.  And could be a quick and easy project for your children.   Wouldn’t it be neat if she could get birthday cards from CA to VA????

If you are interested, please email me for her address. homeskool at  I thought about making this a "friends only" posting and including her address, but if there are glitches, I certainly don’t want Grandma’s address out there for the world to see. 

Thanks for your help


2 thoughts on “Can You Help??? Birthday Cards for Grandma

  1. .. you know my email, i've got plenty of stamps here.. fire me the address and i'll have the boys work on this in the morning and drop them in the mailbox after lunch..

    will email you soon..


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