I’m the Nanny

Well, not really, but this precious lady at the fancy hotel we stayed at Friday night thought so.  Shane was swimming with the older three (in the indoor pool, outside temps were not over 50) and I was letting Precious "sweet cheeks" crawl around in a seating area outside of the pool area.  I thought it interesting… for one to think that a white girl is nanny to a black family.  Shows how far society has come in this area-at one time this would have never been imagined.  She said she thought so because of my "headscarf"  Funny, I’ve gotten several comments on my covering lately. 

The evening away was just what we needed.  I had the best night’s sleep I’ve ever had in a hotel.  Of course the pillowtop mattress and feather pillow didn’t hurt.  There was milk and a huge chocolate chip cookie waiting for each of the children when we returned from dinner Friday night, and they got to feed the goldfish Saturday morning.  There was supposed to be a s’mores roast Friday night, but it was too windy.  The hotel had glass elevators, so of course we had to ride up to the 10th floor each time we got in them.  

We saw "Roving Mars" at the IMAX and "Celebrate America" just enough for the time we were there.  Yes, I’m counting Science and American History. 

And then we stopped in Springfield at the two wonderful, amazing used bookstores.  Princess walks in and takes a deep breath "Ah, do you smell it? Old books"  We spent 2 1/2 hours at "Redeemed Book and Gift" and another hour or so at "ABC Books"  Our children had a ball!  We found some great deals.  If you’re ever in Springfield, check it out.  Redeemed has a huge homeschooling section, and even their own section on Spurgeon. 


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