A Caterpillar on Pike’s Peak

We have really been getting a lot out of the church we have been visiting the last several weeks.  (BTW, this is the church we were attending on Wednesday nights last summer, so they’re not brand new to us).  They just began a new study on Wednesday nights from Jerry Bridges book The Fruitful Life.  I might be in the dark, but Jerry Bridges is new to us.  (Probably because we haven’t officially been reformed for very long?).  Anyway, because we’ve been so busy this last week, we didn’t read the chapter until Wednesday morning.  The title Devotion to God.    Mr. Bridges discussed 3 ways we can be devoted to God. 

1.  The fear of God

2. The love of God

3. The desire for God

As I was reading, the children and I were discussing the fact that many congregations have become too casual with God.  Many have forgotten that he is a Holy God.  This entire mindset has been dangerous for the church at large.  It puts us on equal footing with the Almighty, One, True, Living God, and we are not

We were trying to come up with something that we could understand about this aspect of God, one of the things that Princess (10)  came up with has stuck with me and I’d like to share it with you. 

A couple of years ago, we went to Colorado Springs for vacation.  We rode the train to Pikes Peak, 14,000+ feet above sea level,  (almost 3 miles).  It was magnificent. 

Princess’s analogy:

"We are like a caterpillar on Pike’s Peak" 

Yes, dear daughter, we are a little, itty, bitty, non-essential, tiny, ball of fuzz compared to this grand, huge, magnificently amazing God of the universe.  And let’s not forget it. 


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  1. It sounds like your on a good track. When my kids were in elementary school, I read them most of the Genesis thru Deut , Joshua, & Kings. I feel like it gave them a feeling for how truly awesome and holy God is. It's the kind of base that I hope will make them realize just who God is.
    Thanks for your visit. I thought they were pretty funny!


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