As For School…

Princess and Bubba have been reading the Royal Diary series.  They love it.  A few weeks ago, they were discussing the different wives of Henry VIII.  I am totally amazed everytime they come up with so much information from something they’ve read. 

Bubba asked me to put some things on hold at the library about the wives.  I found a video series done by the BBC. So far, we have watched Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn.  And Bubba is begging to watch more.  I actually let them finish Catherine of Aragon this morning while eating breakfast– this has NEVER, ever, ever happened before (watching videos at breakfast).  We’re thinking we might have to check out the Renaissance festival this year and maybe "Shakespeare in the Park" because, thanks to Charles and Mary Lamb, we all are enjoying Shakespeare too.   Bubba is 7 years old, and he loves learning.  And he’s understanding things the "professionals" say he shouldn’t be able to understand yet.  (as evidenced by the nonsense work they have most 7 year olds doing in government schools). 

We are doing well with schoolwork.  Hours are almost complete.  Yippee!! About this time every year I get tired of making them do reading, writing and arithmetic.   We will finish up our reading for Ambleside in the middle of June, and we’ll probably continue on  with the next year’s reading schedule, pretty quickly after we’ve completed this years readings.  We will continue reading "Ishmael" and then "Self-Raised."   Hopefully, next year, we can incorporate some of the things we didn’t get to this year into our AO, like folk songs, art and more formal nature study. 

Princess will do math this summer 3 days a week (we jumped her to Saxon 6/5) and English (Rod and Staff) 2 days a week, and I will give Little Bit the opportunity to read daily (although he hasn’t chosen to do his lesson any day this week).   We’ve decided to take the Bluedorn’s advice and not do anymore formal math with Bubba until he’s about 10.  Although we will do some flash cards and oral math as the days pass this summer.  I ought to pull out my "Slow and Steady" for Sweet Cheeks (Precious).   But I also want to enjoy summer with the children and have some lazy days, playing outside, jumping on the trampoline and enjoying them.