snow, snow go away come again another day

Yes, here in the great midwest, it is snowing on April 13th.  Being raised in the south, the latest I remember snow on the ground is the first week of April.  Mind you, one time in 20 years.  It is great big, huge flakes, wet enough that it’s weighing down the trees and laying on the ground.  (Wonder what will become of our apple tree and our blackberry bushes).  When Bubba saw it, he says "UGH! I don’t want anymore snow!"  But I have a feeling that if there’s much in the morning, he’ll want to get out and play.  This coming from the child that couldn’t wait for snow in September.  They are actually calling for 1-3 inches– we’ll see…

Anybody else get Drudge and see all the headlines for the unseasonably cold weather all over the country then wonder why in the world Al Gore and Madonna are given the time of day about global warming. 

My theory… all these fools talking about global warming need to close their mouths so God will stop proving to them that He is in charge of the weather.   I’m hoping for spring sometime this month.   


One thought on “snow, snow go away come again another day

  1. We're in Minnesota. We had snow as late as Tuesday. Yesterday it was supposed to get to 45. Okay that is 20 degrees warmer than at the beginning of the week… but no heat wave.

    Marissa does daycare during the women's bible study at church every Friday. So at 7:30… she appears in my room in capris and a tank top. She is tired of winter. Even her blog (BearingWithLove) has an entry in spring colors as she tries to pretend it is warming up…


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