Walking, Climbing and Overcoming Strangers

Precious, sweet cheeks, (yes, I’m going to be calling her that before long.  Having a Princess and a Precious is just too confusing.) Anyway, Precious, Sweet Cheeks, is so close to walking, she’s standing up and thinking on it hard.  She almost took her first step yesterday.  She may not be walking, but she is climbing EVERYTHING.  We have one of those mini-trampolines, she can get up, jump a while, and crawl down.  We were wondering how she would survive once she got too big for the Johnny jump up.  She is trying to climb up on the sofa, and even tried to climb up me earlier this evening.  (pulling my hair to do it, owwww).  She is chattering so very much and says oldest brother’s name and sister’s name and "good girl" in addition to "daddy" which she’s been saying for a while.  Sometimes she’ll say "Momma" but not very often.  She has such a sense of humor.  Little Bit plays peek a boo with her in the car.  He will turn his head and quick turn it back and she giggles, and giggles.  This afternoon, we were at some friends and they were playing with her toes and she was giggling and giggling, she ‘s such a happy baby little girl. (can’t quite call her a baby anymore, except that she refuses to hold her own bottle, or sippy cup and is still up 1 to 3 times in the night).  

 Wednesday night after church we let her down, and she went straight over to a young gentleman and was "visiting" with him, he picked her up and no cries.  She actually stayed with him for several minutes.   Amazing.  She is very intrigued with men’s facial hair.  Ian has facial hair.   She also loves to play with Princess’s doll house and she likes to pull out the CD’s on the rack, but she usually responds pretty well to a firm "no, Sweet Cheeks"  Tonight she helped Daddy pick up Lincoln Logs. 

Took her the other day for her first studio pictures since she’s been home, maybe I’ll get them posted this weekend. 

I can hardly believe she is the little bitty baby in those first heartwrenching pictures we received from Acres of Hope a few months ago.