This is a Hoot!

I have been checking out the kansas city craigslist lately.  There are a few things hubby and I are looking for, plus it’s fun to look and see what people have:

This is what I found this evening. I thought it was a hoot.  Hubby says he could imagine this happening in our home if we had a mannequin. 

 MANIQUIN!!! **full size** **painted** **handsome** – $40

Full size maniquin from Macy’s. I bought this, painted it to look more realistic, and now the wife is making me get rid of it, it scared the crap out of her every time she goes downstairs!!!! Use it for Halloween and Christmas!!!! Give me a call if you want it.

BTW, convention was great– lots of good things to blog about, but not tonight.



3 thoughts on “This is a Hoot!

  1. That is so funny!

    Reminds me of the time when I was about 7 years old. I woke up in the middle of the night to find this old man standing by my bed! Scared the bjeebies out of me!

    It took me a LONG time to figure out that my dad had set up a stool next to my bed. He had put a shirt around the bottom of it, a wig holder/head with wig, cap and an old man mask. He thought it was funny. I thought it was mean! I seriously remember thinking…if he thinks I'm sleeping he won't kill me.

    SO– all that to say that you will never find such a handsome or even ugly mannequin in my house! NO WAY HOSEA! Too scary.



  2. Who in the right mind dresses a mannequin and then stands him up in their home? lol. That's pretty unusual….err….weird.

    Thanks for your sage advice on my blog. I edited it a bit this morning to be more clear. There would be no husband bashing, as the problem lies with me. 🙂 No joke. It partially involved marriage, since I happen to be in a long term one. So, it would inadvertantly be about us. I really appreciated you taking the time to post though. I agreed with you wholeheartedly.


  3. Hey, just wanted to drop by and encourage you on the worm bin idea. Your kids would LOVE it!!!! There is a marvelous 'how to' book out called "Worms Eat My Garbage" by Mary Appelhoff. I bet your local library would have it. You can't imagine how easy it is! I'd be happy to answer any questions, too. It sure is fun!!!!


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