Conference Overview

The other day, I mentioned that I gained a lot out of the homeschool conference last weekend and I did.  


A lady and her husband came by the Bott booth while I was storing some of my purchases.  She said that she had known me several years ago (like when Bubba was a newborn) from a Bible study group we were both involved in at a local church.  She told me that I was the biggest influence in their decision to homeschool.  Now if that won’t turn a person to mush and make a person humble, I don’t know what will.  This was a lady I vaguely remember, but she remembered me.  Just goes to show how much influence a person can have when they don’t even know they are influencing. 

Being Real

Todd Wilson spoke on "being real."  He said it is wrong to think that everyone else has the only "perfect" homeschool family.  Even the families that make the front cover of the homeschool magazines where everyone is dressed alike and smiling.  He talked about a picture that someone took of their family several years ago.  They had been having a not so good time and for some reason this person offered to take their picture.  The picture was beautiful, but each of them knew what had been in their hearts that day.  For Todd, it is a reminder. 

Every homeschool family struggles, there are days that nothing gets accomplished, and days that are filled with frustration and even yelling– yikes really.  Not at my house– my voice never raises say over 140 million billion decibels.    It is always company ready and the children are always neat and clean— hahahaha!!! 

More than Math U See

Since we don’t used Math U See, I had ruled out hearing Steve Demme.  However, a friend of mine said he was a really good speaker, so I went to one of his lectures.  He spoke on family worship.  Shane wasn’t able to be at his and Todd Wilson’s talk at the same time, so I went to Mr. Demme’s.  It was a good reminder for me to not get frustrated when Shane says we’re going to do family worship on a regular basis and he doesn’t get around to it.  Mr. Demme said if you’ve never done family worship and you do it one time this year, it’s a 50% improvement.  He also spoke on some other topics we got the CD’s and will listen later.  I was pleasantly surprised. 

Brothers and Sisters

Another unexpected treat was getting to hear the Mally children (author’s of Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends).   I didn’t put two and two together to realized that "the Mally family" on the schedule was "THE Mally family"  until same friend mentioned it too.  Did you know that Sarah was the author of Bright Lights?  The Bible study for young ladies.  I didn’t until this weekend.  What a neat family.  We purchased several items from their booth–great stuff. 

A Great Dad and Making Friends

The most amazing thing was that having Precious sweet cheeks was a magnet.  By Saturday early afternoon, I was thinking "people aren’t as friendly today as they were yesterday"  but Shane had Precious, Sweet Cheeks more on Saturday and I had her more on Friday.  She opened up conversations with just about any one around us.  We all made many new friends.  She was so worn out on Saturday that she went 10 hours without eating and didn’t wake up through the night.  Also, Shane felt honored.  Todd Wilson saw Shane down an aisle and went to him to tell him what a good dad he was.  Mr. Wilson said that everytime he had seen Shane he had Precious. 

We ran into a lot of other people we knew too.  In all the searching for a church home, we found the blessing.  Many of the people we ran into were from churches that we had visited over the last several months.  And several of the people from the church that we are expecting to place membership were there too.  How wonderful, huh? 

I pray that each of you get as much encouragement as I did from your conferences this year.