Pictures of Precious Sweet Cheeks

Okay everyone can fuss.  I know I am way, way overdue for getting new pictures up. 

This is one of her African outfits that Shane brought back.  She didn’t even need the skirt when she came home now the skirt fits perfectly. 

She doesn’t even look like the same little girl in those first pictures we received in July. 

She still hasn’t taken that first step.  But she is waving at EVERYONE and will do this little leap frog thing.  She can stand up from the center of the room, jump both feet forward and land on her rear end.  Shane says she is also trying to blow kisses, but I haven’t seen it yet. 


3 thoughts on “Pictures of Precious Sweet Cheeks

  1. she is so beautiful!!! God has really given her great health and strength…….such a different picture than the first ones you had of her. You truly are blessed!


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