Hello world!

Well, I never thought I would abandon HSB, but it still doesn’t seem to be working right.  So here I am.  I’m going to try this out before I post over at my HSB blog.  And we’ll see how it goes. 


One thought on “Hello world!

  1. Christine! Welcome to WordPress!

    Ask Sandi what she did to transfer her posts from HSB to WordPress, you will loose old comments but if you don’t want to leave HSB, and wants to enjoy blogging at WOrdpress but DO NOT want to be double posting everything.. check out Sandi’s HSB blog & mine, this blog will still show up in HSB, they can browse there but when they leave a commment that’s when they are in WordPress. If you wanted that or interested to do that, let me know I helped Sandi out with hers.. and It will be a pleasure to help you too my sister, my friend.

    Love those pictures, ha! So you’re gonna have some really good friends in the neighborhood, Wow! I wish God will give me some too.. soon.


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