Thoughts on Debt

I so admire those that have adopted their children without incurring debt. And we truly believe in a debt free lifestyle and are doing our best to get to that point.  (In fact, when income tax comes, we will finally be out from under my student loan!!!! Yippee!!!!! What a weight that will be off of me– I hate having it, especially because I didn’t really "need" it.  Although it was worth any amount of money to meet my wonderful hubby). 

We do feel that there are times you can’t tell God "no"  One of those times was with Precious Sweet Cheeks.  In January of last year, we updated our homestudy for a couple of reasons. 

1.  We were both feeling the call to adopt again and knew there would be another child/children added to our family soon. 

2.  In the middle of Jan, we received a call from a family friend that knew someone looking for a home for their 10 day old baby boy.  When I returned from Knoxville to help care for my Daddy after by-pass surgery, we met the baby boy and birthfamily and thought we’d be adopting him.  Then they changed their mind.  But our homestudy was in process. 

Then, although I had sent out our homestudy to numerous states, and agencies, nothing….until July 3rd (the deadline we had set when we would pursue international adoption was July 1st– the 3rd was the first business day.  And the 5th was the day we knew we were adopting Sweet Cheeks.  She was so sickly that she couldn’t have waited to come home until we had the money, she had to come home ASAP.  And she was definately meant to be our child, so we had to move forward.  (It was a good thing that our homestudy had been updated because it took little work for our social worker to change it for international adoption). 

We decided a long time ago, not to ask for money when we need it.  (this is our personal choice and we don’t condemn others for doing so, it’s a choice we have made).  So we asked no one for help with Sweet Cheeks adoption.  Some sent checks or gave us money, but not nearly the amount that was needed.  We are grateful for those that did.  However, we are in debt for her adoption. 

This is not our choice, but it must be God’s choice, because we still don’t have money rolling into our mailbox.  We’ll have it all paid off in a couple of years.  Yes, the tax credit is a huge help, but it still won’t give us enough, (but it will pay off that student loan). and we are still working through Little Bit’s credit.  (It can be used for 5 years.) Actually, the debt should be well paid before we use even half of Sweet Cheeks tax credit.  

Sometimes, God provides through good ole hard work and sweat.  Shane’s hard work with Bott Radio will pay for Sweet Cheeks adoption. 

Then there are times when things just happen.  Our van engine gave out last year.  It was either replace the engine or buy a "new to us" van on short notice that we knew nothing about.  Engines in Mazda’s don’t give out (Jasper doesn’t even make one for it, we had to buy from the junkyard where there were 2 in the entire country, or a brand new one from the assembly line).  We thought keeping the Mazda was the best choice.  There are situations where cars are given to people and we have gotten and given cars in the past.  But Shane is making more money with his job at Bott than he has ever made before.  (no, we’re still not weathy, just comfortable).  Yes, we had to borrow, but we have the ability to pay off the debt as others may not.  There may be a point in our lives again where we won’t have the same ability we have now.  At that point I imagine God will provide in a different way for our needs.  He’s done miraculous things in our life like that before, He can and I have no doubt will, if we ever are in need like that again. 

I have had to realize that we’re not less spiritual because we are in debt.  Sometimes God provides in different ways.  We use the envelope system for a budget. Are frugal spenders, shop at thrift stores for clothing (except for Shane’s pants– we can get pretty cheap at Gordman’s and they last a lot longer).  Don’t drive the newest cars, or live in the fanciest house the mortgage company says we can afford.  And are paying down the debt we have as fast as possible. 

That is good enough for me and must be for God otherwise we’d have several thousand dollars in our mailbox. 




2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Debt

  1. something about it?! i have never in my life thought we'd get this far. i think that's what frustrates me most about this moved, my husband had gone through difficult debts because of the divorced, we sacrificed a lot, worked hard on our 1st year of marriage in order to cleaned that up and we did! after that year we had started working towards our goal of saving, this move has ate it all and more. too many lessons to learned. this year we have so many goals to achieved and one of them is to get out of debt and clean our credit. but i tell you what that sweet cheeks is worth it! she is so precious! have a great weekend christine!


  2. God does provide– it may not always be on our own timeframe but He does! And there are definitely certain situations where being in debt can be a privilege– and that is when it means that you can love and care for a precious soul like Sweet Cheeks!



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