So, What do you do for fun?????

Last night Shane came to me with a huge problem. 

He had a tick in his belly button.  He tried the alcohol and it didn’t work.  When he tried to get it out it "split in half"  and guess whose job getting the rest of it was?

I don’t do ticks.  I don’t do splinters.  Mind you, I can do these things, I just don’t like to do these things. 

For some reason, this was funny to me.  Everytime I tried to get the tweezers in his belly button I would start laughing.  And I mean laughing!  Where I couldn’t stop, and the tears started welling in the corners of my eyes. 

I got some more of it out.  Then we got the needle out– it wasn’t funny anymore.

I thought he’d have to go to the doctor.  But after I tore open some of the skin, he was able to get the rest of it out. 

Don’t ask me how– I’ve tried looking inside my belly button and it’s impossible.

So what do you do for fun at your house?