Thoughts on T.V.

Someone on the Basically Bluedorn Yahoo group mentioned that they have significantly cut down their T.V. time and asked for suggestions for what children do without T.V. I have to say that I was somewhat surprised by this question.  T.V. is a relatively new invention.  My Daddy remembers when they got their first T.V.  I remember when they played the "Star-Spangled Banner" when the stations signed off every night.  And then the "snow" would come.  No longer.  TV 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  So many stations and still nothin worth watchin. 

When I was growing up we had a t.v.  Life did not revolve around it as it does now in many homes.  We still played in the neighborhood.  I remember being outside playing on the swingset, or playin kickball or touch football, ridin bikes or buildin treehouses in the neighbor’s yard.  And it wasn’t just me– it was all the neighbor kids.  Yes, we watched t.v. "The Walton’s" "Little House on the Praire" "The Six Million Dollar Man"  The rockets landing on the moon. But we weren’t obsessed with it.  We’d rather be outside living life than inside watching other people acting out life. 

Here is my response to the Bluedorn post:

Our now 6 y/o son came home at 3 and had probably never had a day in
his life where the tv wasn’t on. To come to a home where TV was on
rarely, and most videos are "gray" (as my 7y/o calls b&W) or
educational shows are a family affair, was quite an adjustment. But
his imagination bloomed. He didn’t have an imagination when he came
home. Our other 2 oldest children have incredible imaginations and I
believe it is because they have never watched TV on a regular basis.
(BTW, no video games either).

Our children make up their own games. They READ! (sometimes too much
they get in trouble because they should be doing something else). They
play board games, or card games (old maid or go fish). They asked
Papaw for a camcorder for Christmas and are working on their
own "movie" called "Beware Princess Catherine" They play with blocks,
dinosaurs, trainset, dollhouse, magnets, are outside for hours most
days that are pretty, and some that aren’t 🙂 They have a "fort" out
there, bikes, swingset, trampoline, etc.

Honestly, dh and I have discussed how in the world anybody has time to
watch TV with so many other things to do in the evenigs. We have family
devotionals, play outside as a family (the children love it when Mom or
Dad will get on the trampoline with them), have family reading
(Huckleberry Finn right now), We also try to do a "date night" one
night a week or so, (doesn’t always work) one parent goes out with one
child for a $10 or less date.

My opinion, taking the T.V away is one of the best decisions you could
make as a family.

God bless,


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on T.V.

  1. The first day with no TV was really tough on my boys. But by the end of the day and the second day, I was AMAZED at how they actually used their imaginations. I was also very pleased with their (relatively) calmer attitudes and more joyful dispositions.

    I didn't realize that not only did I need a break from the constant noise that is TV, but they did too! How can you see or hear God's wonderful creation with that thing blasting silly music and pictures all day/morning long?

    After we got used to having the TV turned OFF, we finally moved it out of the living room altogether. We have one in our bedroom, one in a separate TV room (for PURPOSEFUL viewing), and one in the guest room so the kids can watch a video on (a rare) occasion. (and it keeps guests who are still addicted to the television from not going too crazy…).

    It was one of the best things we ever did for our family!


  2. "Cutting the cord" to the satellite a couple of years ago was one of the best decisions we ever made for our family. My children have always had great imaginations, but now they do not have the constant pull of the TV. There is such a freedom in not having television access. And there really is more time for the important things!


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