Testing and School

This is the 3rd year we’ve tested in a row.  Not because of the laws of our state, but Shane says he likes doing it to see how we’re doing (not the children mind you, the mommy).  I love being able to do the testing at home.  The first year was terrible.  Crying Princess, frustrated Mommy.  The second year was better.  And this year is going great.  However, maybe I should have waited.  Today starts with Math.  Yikes.  But I’m honestly thinking it will be better.  Math clicked for Princess this year.  Last year we were in Saxon 5/4 and she most often missed several problems  (like 7-10 on each lesson).   This year, she might miss 2 or 3 if the lesson is really challenging her.  

Bubba is doing well.  Last year I remember looking over his "listening skills" answers and thinking, "I’m not surprised, he doesn’t listen very well!" If I remember right, this was his poorest area.  This year, he didn’t miss nearly as many.  It’ll be exciting to see how he did. 

Little bit actually did reading yesterday!!!! Yippee!!!!  It was the first day I’ve tried in a while, because it’s always such a chore to force it out of him.  We had been using "100 Easy Lessons".  But I found something on www.donpotter.com (or net, can’t remember right now) that I tried yesterday evening.  I have a copy of Phonics Pathways from the library that I may try today.  I may go back and forth for a few days and see what he does better with.  This fellow is going to be my math wiz!!!  He is very good at addition and subtraction, and he can count by 5’s and 10’s to 100.  I haven’t worked much on math because he wouldn’t read for me– but it doesn’t seem to have mattered.  We will test him next year. 


2 thoughts on “Testing and School

  1. before Sep as we are registering via a school in the USA, though still homeschooling. We have to take the Stanford Achievement test though.
    my youngest is loving math too!!! he told me once, Mom, this 123 stuff is much easier than the ABC stuff!!!he has really jumped in his development lately, just growing up !!


  2. No requirement here in TX. I don't know if I'd ever want to test or not… I want to if it means a pat on the back for me and a "good job!" for my boys…but I think I'm just fearful. Fearful of what I might find out– most likely the truth of what I already know are our strengths and weaknesses in our schooling this year.

    Hmmm…but it gives me something to think about. Especially since I have a degree too…I didn't know that I could administer the test. Interesting.

    I can't wait to find out how your kids did! Splendidly, I'm sure!



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