Fun and Interesting Google Search

I can’t believe I’m taking time I don’t have to do this.  Fletch at the mangotimes listed his google search "fletch needs"  it was funny so I googled "Christine needs" 

Here’s some of what I got: 

Christine needs only to cough or sneeze and she could have a brain hemorrhage Okay, maybe that accounts for the lack of memory, and I thought it was the very beginnings of menopause. 

Christine needs something more than just ...   (I won’t finish, not appropriate for a g rated blog)  WHERE did this one come from?????  Yikes, just goes to show how innocent a search can be when the results aren’t innocent. 

Meet Christine Who Needs Constant Attention. Christine can do very little for herself.

  This is definately not true.  Although I did have trouble with the newfangled gas pumps a few years ago when Shane always pumped my gas for me.  That was before children.   But, I am finding that I don’t want to do so much for myself, I actually like having the door opened for me. 

Christine needs to know where her inventory is located at all times. This goes back to the memory thing, Too many dead cells up there due to over usage on my cell phone???

Christine needs parents who will be able to be patient.  No, I need children who can be patient with their parent –ha!

Christine needs to stop looking at clothes   Did this a long time ago, now I shop for function more than fashion. 

Well, that’s about it.  Also, just for the record, I’m with Fletch.  Had enough of the 80’s music.  Just how much REO Speedwagon can one hear– all the songs sounded the same.  (get it… "record"  Yes, I’m tired bear with me). I also wanted to tease Fletch, about being approximately 3 years older than him but it isn’t enough years to do it well, so I guess I’ll just pass. 


2 thoughts on “Fun and Interesting Google Search

  1. my favorite was "fletch needs sleep" which is probably because i am up so late responding to your blog…i do need sleep! maybe i can put on some culture club and rock the casbah before i close my eyes!


  2. Oi veh woman! Quit making me want to google funny stuff– I need to get off this computer!

    That is funny though… I bet those google people are a riot.

    Marsha– who's married to the ultimate 80s man– minus the mullett and short shorts!


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