This and That and Then Some

We are done with testing.  Math was a hump to get over together.  There was one day…  but we made it.  We went to the city park in our little town today as a celebration for a picnic lunch.  The children have been begging me to go for quite a while now.  We met an interesting little boy who is 90% deaf, and his very interesting Uncle.  I think God wanted us there.  I pray that we planted some seeds and that God was glorified by what we did there.  Jeffery said they spend alot of time at the park, so we may go back. 

We are going to continue Ambleside readings, but will take a few weeks off of Math and English for Princess. 

Next Tuesday, Sweet Cheeks foreign adoption is recognized.  Now, I’m a little frustrated.  In Missouri, they appoint "guardian ad litem’s" in certain situations.  For both Little Bit and Sweet Cheeks they have appointed one which we had to pay for.  This person spent about 15 minutes with Little Bit and who knows what he will do with Sweet Cheeks, she can’t really tell him that she adores us and we adore her– and these people have gotten about $500 of our money and done nothing.   Mind you I really don’t want them in my house, I would prefer that they let us keep our money and take our social workers word for it. (or better yet, how about our word). This is ridiculous and we have no recourse.  The judge decides whether or not to appoint one and how much we pay.   Haven’t we spent enough money without this extra?  Personally, I think the judge and the gardian have an arrangement. 

Oh well, she’s worth every penny! 

Then Wednesday, we leave for the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum.  It is the opening before the opening.  I believe the official date is the 28th.  They are still a little short on funds (3 mil when I last heard– hey compared to 27 mil, that is chump change)  If you have a heart for people to hear the truth about how the world began please consider donating. 

Then it’s off to Knoxville to visit my family for a few days. Our plan is to take a little detour to Nashville and have lunch with my (favorite) Uncle and his wife (my favorite Aunt too). 

Last night we met with the Pastors of the church we have been visiting.  I mentioned in passing a "paper" they had written regarding Vision Forum.  Shane met with one of the  Pastor’s last week and the told him that we were the only ones to see this paper, and if anyone else were to see it, they would be doing A LOT of rewriting.  We feel very comfortable moving forward with the membership process.  And Sunday we give our testimonies and then we are members.  I pray that it will be a many, many, many year relationship, As a matter of fact, until eternity would be okay with me. 

Oh are we busy between now and then, tomorrow our usual speech therapy and then Friday 4-H and lunch with my friend.  Saturday I have a dulcimer class and then we have a church fellowship Saturday evening.  Sunday, church and packing and Monday packing.  Yikes have we gotten ourselves in over our head or what? 

I’ll "see ya" when we get back!


2 thoughts on “This and That and Then Some

  1. I do think it's absolutely ridiculous that there are so many fees associated with the adoption process! I am sure there are many pockets lined with the money that would be better spent taking care of the adopted children or orphans.

    I'm glad the testing is over for you and that y'all will get a little vacay as well. I'd be anxious to see the testing results, though! But it sounds like you'll be waaaay too busy to be thinking about it. 🙂

    Safe travels, my friend!


  2. I always wondered what a "guardian ad litem" was. Adoption shouldn't cost nearly as much money as it does – I'm sure more people would adopt if it wasn't so expensive and complicated. But then again there are a lot of evil people in the world who would adopt for malicious reasons, so I guess it's for the greater good.

    I'm curious about the paper on Vision Forum …

    Blessings ~ Diane


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