Meltdowns and Membership

We leave Wednesday for our trip to the Creation Museum and to Tennessee.  We have been extremely busy the last few weeks.  And it caught up with me Saturday…

I had a dulcimer class on the schedule way before any of the rest of this "stuff" was there.  It was an all day class at the local 1855 village, Missouri Town.  About 2:00 I melted.  The other 4 people in the class all had knowledge in music.  My last experience with music was when I played the flute in junior high school, 20 something years ago.  Dave (yes, Sandi another Dave and he said he didn’t know you, ’cause I asked)  started going so fast I couldn’t keep up.  He got very excited because "we" were doing so well and started teaching chords, etc.  He told us how to adlib a whole note, which was fine, but I needed HIM to play what was written so I could listen to him while I played; esp. since many of the tunes were unfamiliar to me.  (and since I don’t read music very well, it was hard to play the notes, read the music and figure out if I had messed up, or if he was just playing around).    And I melted.  I tried not to, but I was overwhelmed.  I stepped out for a few minutes, called Shane and regrouped.  Dave was very apologetic.  He really was a nice fellow and overall I had a nice time.   This is how bad it was, everyone knew everyone’s name but mine.  Dave called everyone but me by their name, and when we left, one of the ladies called me "Jan" that was the lady sitting in front of me and to the right.  It was a very humbling day…

I knew when I could get home and think it through the day would have been profitable and it was.  I needed to work these through in my own pace.  One suggestion Dave made was hang up the dulcimer so you can pull it down and play it here and there.  Done!  Shane put a hook up and hung it Sunday morning while I slept in a little before church.   And already, I’ve played it more often than I was when it was sitting in it’s bag by the loveseat. 

Yesterday, Shane, Princess and I gave our testimonies at church and became official members.  Yippee!!!!  One of the college students said that several of "them" had been praying that we would want to be a part of Heritage.  Honestly, I think that’s part of the reason for the meltdown.  Satan doesn’t like it when wonderful things happen to believers.  And yesterday was a VERY big day for us.  We have a church home where the Bible is taught and one that I think will be a wonderful family for us.  We left before class and got much needed naps.  I piddled the rest of the day, cleaned out the flower bed in front and planted some annuals that I had gotten a couple of weeks ago.  Hopefully, they’ll perk up and fill in the bed.  I also planted a row of lettuce and a row of spinach.  We now have several tomato plants, 2 zuchini plants and 1 cantelope vine.  We’ll see.  If we get anything much, it’ll be a first.  I would also like to get some okra out, but not sure I’ll find seeds, with the flooding a few weeks ago people have had to replant and I may not find any… but they should have some in TN.  Wasn’t going to plant it before we got back anyway.   I also played my dulcimer and watched the hummingbirds at my feeder.  A wonderful day. 

NOTHING on the agenda until Sweet Cheeks court date on Tuesday morning.  Except to pack.  (But that’s not really a big deal, because Shane got the 3 older children packed Thursday night while I was a Bible study).   Shane also got our new matchstick blinds up and for the first time since we’ve lived in this house I can say I’m happy with the window situation. 


One thought on “Meltdowns and Membership

  1. I am so sorry you had such a tough time at class! But you are right…Satan loves to attack when we're trying to follow God. And many times, you don't even realize it.

    How sweet of Shane to go ahead and hang that up forr you! So why don't you play the flute anymore, missy? I keep mine right next to the piano to encourage myself to play and practice more often.



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