The Creation Museum — You Must Go!

We got home late last night from our trip.  We are all exhausted, but it was well worth it. 

I cannot say enough about the Creation Museum.  It is amazing!!!!!  If the Planetarium film doesn’t make a person realize how small and insignificant one is in relation to the Universe, then the person must be a rock.  I never realized how small we really are.  Bubba’s favorite is the special effects museum.  When it thunders, the seats quake and shake.  Little Bit’s favorite was the first lobby.  It has a pond with live fish and a couple of huge turtles, also several poison tree darts all brightly colored, and a couple of huge animotronic dino’s too.  The museum itself is done with excellence in mind.  Everything is state of the art, and presented in a scientific manner. 

According to the museum’s blog, about 10,000 people attended the week we were there, and then 4000 people were present opening day.  Mr. Ham, said he gave 15 interviews on opening day alone.  My Dad even heard an interview about it somewhere in his traveling while working.  We’ve offered our pass for him the next time he’s near Florence.  The outdoor walking trail is beautiful.  There are at least 3 bridges, and some animals around made of plants, including a huge serpent in the pond!!!!   I pray that this museum will touch people all over the world and the God will use it to call many to the knowledge of salvation. 

We were sitting in the Noah’s Ark Cafe, getting a bite of huge all beef hot dogs, and chips when Ken Ham walks by.  Bubba says "Hey, there’s Ken Ham" of course, Mr. Ham was gracious and stopped for a minute asked the children if they were enjoying the museum and then said he liked our shirts.  (we were all in our Creation Museum t-shirts at Princess’s request). We ran into him a couple more times, he always had a nice word for us. 

On other news about our trip.  We spent about 3 hours in a suburb of St. Louis on the way down.  We were blessed to meet Melanie and her family before they headed back to Virginia.  What a sweet family .  Hopefully, we’ll get to the east coast someday for a history field trip.  Then I had to shop at Target, because I left my toiletrie bag in the bathroom at home on the counter .   Shane had his toiletries in a seperate bag, but mine and the children’s spent the week at home…  drats. 

We had a nice lunch with my Aunt after the Museum in Nashville, yes 2 1/2 hours out of our way, but you only live in this world once.  It was worth it!  The Knoxville for the rest of the week.  The children were able to stay all night with Papaw on his boat.  Unfortunately, the starter wasn’t working right, so they had to stay at the dock, but maybe next year… they did catch several fish of the dock and enjoyed the evening anyhow. 

I’m sure I missed something… I’ll add it later.  I also have a few pictures, but no time now. 


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  1. We're hoping to go sometime. Thanks for the review

    We're about 2 hours from Knoxville. About 12 miles from Bristol Tn but in VA.


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