You Never Know…

Who you’ll run into at the local Walmart.  Princess and I were standing in line at the checkout.  Out of how many possible lines Janelle could have gotten in, she ended up behind us.  How amazing is that???  Walmart was super busy, as you can imagine.  I think I’ve been in said Walmart 2 times before today.    And she was shopping for a swimsuit for one of her boys that was at an end of the year party and didn’t think he’d need his, so it was left at home.   Since neither her or I live in the town where this Walmart is, I’d say it wasn’t a "chance meeting"  God ordains everything and I believe he ordained this too. 

Jaybird was brave.  Amazingly, I was wearing the same hat today that I was wearing in my avatar picture.  She asked if my name was Christine and then introduced herself.  How fun!  Thanks Janelle for taking the risk of embarrassing yourself.  I’m not sure I would have had the courage.  Maybe next time, we’ll actually plan to meet…

I told Shane the other day I think this is going to be a summer for meeting new friends… so far so good.  Melanie, and now Janelle, and, hopefully, we’ll be meeting our friend Kellie, at the end of this month or the end of July.  She was in Liberia bringing home Melvin (Judah) and Zubah when Shane was there, but I haven’t met her yet.  It will be great to meet her and her family. 


One thought on “You Never Know…

  1. I'm so jealous!!!

    I guess there's zero chance I'm going to run into you at my local Wal-mart, huh?



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