I’m Playin My Dulcimer

You may remember a few weeks ago, I had gone to a dulcimer class at the Missouri Town 1855 village and was so discouraged I was ready to throw my dulcimer away. 

I have always enjoyed the sound of a Mountain Dulcimer (maybe because I was raised at the foothills of the appalachian mountains) but had never thought about trying it out until I mentioned that I had picked a little at the Missouri Town 1855 villiage last fall and Sandi encouraged me to jump in.   (yes, I know it’s the link to your HSB blog and not your wordpress, but I’m hoping that now that they’ve gotten the new server, people will move back– not to mention that this addy is easier to remember than the wordpress one.)

Needless to say, I didn’t throw my dulcimer out that night, instead I got it back out and worked through some of the tabs that Dave had given us, and also on some of the little tricks that he had shown us.  Shane hung my dulcimer on the wall nearby and my pick is in between the strings, so all I have to do to play is grab it off the wall and grab my music from the basket by the loveseat. 

I took it on our trip and played it quite a lot.  I doubt I’ll ever be very good at it, but I have been enjoying it.  For my birthday, (no I’m not tellin when, but it was recent, and I don’t mind tellin ya that I turned 42 either) Shane got me 3 music books by michael shull.  Mountain Gospel Favorites, and the Hymns of Praise Vol. II and III.  The store was out of Vol. I, but I’m hoping to order it online very soon.  I was able to sit down with the new songbooks last night and pick out some tunes.  Shane even recognized several of the hymns as I picked through them for the first time. 

It is so fun, I highly recommend it.  It is easy enough that a child can play.  Bubba has picked out a couple of tunes with my help.  And you can find them fairly inexpensively as far as musical instruments go.  Beginning with a cardboard dulcimer around $50 up to several hundred dollars if you get really hooked on it.   I spent about $100 on mine and ordered it from Dave (another Dave) and I can’t find his webpage address right now. 

(Sweet Cheeks is napping, and the others are outside enjoying the beautiful, rainless, spring day.  So, I’m off to play my dulcimer.