One More Thing on the Dulcimer

Shane has signed me up for a class at the Mountain Music Shoppe in October with Gary Gallier.   I’m a bit hesitant since this is where I goofed before, trying to learn and play with other people. And this guy is a National champion dulcimer player– yikes! Yes, I’m already nervous, and it’s how many months away….  But how will I ever get over it, if I don’t step out on that limb?   He did sign me up for the novice-intermediate class instead of the more advanced class.   I have several months to work on it so I won’t totally embarass myself again. 


One thought on “One More Thing on the Dulcimer

  1. Nope it doesnt sound funny for you to say you are proud of me : ) Thanks so much. I am still very happy that I obeyed the Lord. I am also happy to read how wonderful Sweet Creeks is doing. Wow walking! Life is going really open up for her now! LOL Good luck ; )


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