Swimming, Walking, Vacation Plans, July 4th, Etc.

We are very busy these next 2 weeks  The 3 older children are taking swimming lessons for 2 weeks, so we are out of the house by 9:30 every morning.  The lessons are going very well. Princess and Bubba will definately be swimming pretty well by the time another week and 2 days goes by.   Little Bit is doing well, but he doesn’t want to put his face in the water while he is swimming– go figure.  Keeping Sweet Cheeks occupied while they are swimming is another story all together 🙂 

Sweet Cheeks is walking more and more everyday.  Tried to take a picture yesterday, but she won’t cooperate with the camera.  She walked about 10 or 12 feet across the floor last night.  Oh! Is she going to be trouble when she’s walking everywhere– she so reminds us of Bubba.   We also discovered that has allergies.  While we were in TN, she started with a runny nose and cough.   I took her to the Dr. last week, and he prescribed an antibiotic, which didn’t seem to be working.  Sunday we were outside quite a bit, and Sunday night she was worse than she had been.  Called Dr. back, nurse said Claritin makes a liquid for children, reduce the dosage and see what happens.  Sweet Cheeks has been clear since Monday evening.  Yippee!!!!  We have an appt. in July with a pediatric opthamologist to see about her lazy eye.  I can hardly believe that her eye and allergies may be the most "serious" conditions sh has after what we thought we were going to be facing when we agreed to adopt her.  God is so very good. 

Little Bit is finishing up 3 years worth of speech therapy at Children’s Mercy a week from Thursday.  He has been acting out again, for about 3 weeks.  It dawned on me yesterday that he is getting ready to experience a loss.  He adores Miss Kathy, and we’ve gotten quite friendly over the last 3 years.  I think we’ll all miss seeing her.  So I asked him about it, he said that was it, so we talked.  We’ll see if it works.  Usually after we talk and I keep reminding him that it will be okay.  He does fine.   So, today should be a much better day in our home. 

About a year ago, Shane found this book about taking huge family vacations with very little expense.  Said family has traveled the world on a shoestring budget.  So he bought the book and we have been working toward a big vacation.  We are going to Boston the end of August and staying for 10 days!!!!!  (and the great thing is that he will only use 5 vacation days from work).  We had enough frequent flyer miles for 3 of the 5 tickets we need.  (between 3-4 laps, we should be able to keep Sweet Cheeks occupied)  We bought a service for $130 and will get at least $400 worth of discounts and rebates before we’re done.  Boston has a "go card" one price gets you into all the historic sites as well as a bunch of other stuff.  We’ll have to buy one for all but Sweet Cheeks.  Shane also found a rental car (read mini-van) for a great deal.  He made the plane and room reservations last night, and will make the car rental today.   We are going to eat cheap, buy finding a thrift store or Family Dollar and buying a crock pot.  We can cook all sorts of things in a crock pot and have nice meals for dinner.  Of course, we will eat out some, but not every day.  We have to try lobster, clam chowder and of course "boston baked beans."  Best we can tell, with God’s blessing, we will be able to do this trip for at least half of what it would normally cost a family of 6, and maybe even less than that.  God is so very good– he cares about even the little things, like one family’s vacation plans.  Amazing!

 Between now and then we will be listening to Vision Forum’s CD’s from 2 of the Faith and Freedom tours as well as boning up on our early American History.  This is one area we have covered pretty well, but it won’t hurt to cover it again as the sites aren’t very likely to include  God in their accounts. 

Shane has been buying up pork ribs, brisket, and chicken to smoke for the 4th of July.  For several years we have hosted a family + get together.  Shane’s brother’s family and his sister usually come from Oklahoma (sister will be in Ghana this year).  And we usually invite another family or 3.   We have a nice day together.  Have a little July 4th program, asking those that want to, to come up with something to recite, read or talk about.  Princess has decided to read a portion of the Gettysburg adress.  Bubba is going to read one of Peter Marshall’s prayers, and Little Bit is still thinking about it…   I am hoping to play the "Battle Hymn of the Repubic" on my dulcimer.  I’ve been practicing almost everyday for about 2 weeks now and will hopefully keep it up until then.  I just pray everyone will recognize it–lol!


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  1. We have been to Boston before. When we lived in Connecticut we visited Boston a couple of times. I think Fanueil Hall (probably spelled that wrong) is a MUST!


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