Who Am I????

A while back I posted about the ladies Bible study we’re doing at church right now.  It is actually a really thick book by D. Martin Lloyd-Jones that includes his sermons on "The Beatitudes"  Let me tell you it has been very convicting and thought provoking.  I highly recommend it if you are wanting to draw closer to the Father Almighty. 

I am realizing what a prideful, self-centered, impatient (whoops, that’s our Wednesday night study, on the fruit of the Spirit) etc., etc., human whom God graciously allows into his Holy presence.  The more I stop and think about how small and insignificant I am, about how sin-filled and unrighteous, how dung filled and smelly how utterly disguisting I must be to the Father.  The more I am in awe that the Living, Pure, Righteous, and Just God of the Universe would save the wretch of an excuse for a person that I am. 

The other day, I was listening to my favorite Christian music station (the "old folks gospel").  They played 2 hymns back to back that I had heard a million times, that I had sung half a million, but they touched me that day and off I went with tears streaming down my face… 

Friends, no matter what good you and I have done on this earth.  No matter what "big" sins we haven’t committed, no matter that we haven’t been frustrated with the children or our husbands, or the driver that cut us off in 3 or 4 days…we are filthy rags to the Father Almighty.  We are unworthy to wash His feet, to stand before Him, we are unworthy to receive the precious gift he sent in the sacrifice of His son on the cross of Calvary.   

We should be in reverence and awe at what the Creator and Sustainer of Life has done for us.  The sacrifice He made in sending the Messiah is far beyond our human comprehension.  But in order to live our lives as blameless as humanly possible, we must consider and dwell on this thought… otherwise we remain in our pride and self-centered lifestyles without thought for others, or care for anything beyond our selfishness. 


2 thoughts on “Who Am I????

  1. And because of God's wonderful grace and Christ's ultimate sacrifice (shedding of his blood), we can have our sins forgiven and walk in "newness of life". (Eph. 1:7, Rom. 6:4). Isn't it great to have our filthy rags of sin, which can become quite a heavy backpack of sin, cleansed and washed away? Great post!


  2. All I can say is a BIG AMEN to that. I am learning more in that same area, everyday… my own inability to be or do anything without Christ. We are memorizing Galatians right now and chapter 2 is hitting hard!


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