A Quiet Day Gone Crazy, And Wonderful

With swim lessons M-F last week (and this coming week too) I was looking forward to a nice quiet day at home, piddling, getting the house straightened up, etc.  I knew Rick and Kellie and their crew would be coming through our area, but I really didn’t think it would be until late afternoon and didn’t expect them to have time to stop before they got where they were going for the night.  Kellie and Shane were in Liberia together, her bringing home Melvin (Judah) and by surprise, Zubah, and Shane bringing home Sweet Cheeks. 

A little after 10, still in my nightgown, I sit down to check email.  There was one from Kellie saying it was early Friday morning and they were entering MO– I still haven’t figured out how they left CA Thursday morning and got all the way to Kansas City, MO by Friday afternoon.  But Rick is a truck driver, so maybe that has something to do with it??? 🙂 

Anyway, Kellie said that she didn’t want to interupt our plans, so they’d just go on.  Welllll, a while back she emailed her cell number to me and I still had it, so I called and found out they were only a couple of hours away and it was about 10:30.  So I told her I’d fix lunch and they’d have to stop.  (I can be very persistent)  As I was talking, I was looking for what I was going to feed everyone.  Today is grocery day and the cupboards were pretty bare to feed their 10 and my 5 (yes, Shane had to work).  

Well, we have chickens, so we had fried egg sandwiches, macaroni and cheese, carrot sticks, and applesauce.  That’s what I had in the house.  The children and I kicked into high gear and we got the house presentable (mainly just stuff everywhere, and I mean everywhere)  I did a quick vacuum and they were here shortly after.  They stayed for a couple of hours and the children all had a grand time.  They have acreage too, but it’s dessert acreage.  They all decided it was worth the ride down the "bumpy road" to get to our house and they would be willing to come again. 

I have to tell you, Zubah and Judah are just precious (as were all their children) Judah even let me hold him.  And Zubah pulled up for the first time and took some steps on Sweet Cheeks little walk behind toy.  What a joy!!!  Those boys are quite a bit calmer than SC too let me tell ya, I didn’t quite know what to do without a wiggly baby in my arms– Judah just sits, talks a little, but no bending over, loud chatter.  They were all gracious about my wacky put together lunch (the children picnicked outside on blankets under the trees while the babies and grown ups stayed inside where it was cool.  And even got out of their 15 passenger van with flowers (how sweet), a watermellon, (for us later, not for lunch) and bread (which was nice, since the loaves I had in the freezer had been there a while and were a little crusty). 

They are actually considering moving to the area, and I for one hope that they do!!!  I can’t wait for them to come back through and am praying that they’ll get to stay a couple of nights with us in July. 

It was a great time and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.