Funny Bubba Story

In the car on the way home from picking up the older 3 children from Grandma and Grandpa.  Shane tells Princess a joke. She really likes new silly Daddy jokes, so she’s ready for this.  Here’s the "joke" (and I use that term in the loosest sense of the word) 

 It goes like this:

A man goes in a barber shop for a shave, but he tells the barber that he has yet to get a good shave on his cheeks.  The barber gives the man a small ball and tells him to hold it between his gums and his cheek.  While the ball is in his mouth the man comments that he has never gotten as close a shave.  Then he asks the barber what happens if "I swallow the ball"  The barber says "you can just return it tomorrow like everyone else does" 

Imagine me rolling my eyes, not believing that my husband could think this "joke" is funny and Princess with a "huh" look on her face.  Realizing that Princess doesn’t get it, Bubba says "I’ll explain it"  

"It comes out your rear end and you have to sift through your dung to retreive it" 

The joy of boys.