Well, Who Surprised Who????

Wow!  I’ve gotten more comments on my "beer" post than I’ve gotten in a long time.  I think I’m the one surprised.  

Lynan– are you speaking of Guinness?  The German beer?  One of my many jobs, many, many years ago was at a furniture store in Knoxville that was by a Stephano’s pizza.  Great whole wheat crust and beers from around the world.  If I happened to be working on a Saturday night, we’d order a pizza after hours and try out a beer from different places.  (most of the other people that worked there went to the University of Tennesse and pizza a beer was a regular occurance). 

Shane wants to visit the Samuel Adams brewery while we are in Boston, but after the Coors brewery in Golden, CO a couple of years ago, he can’t convince me.  The smell was TERRIBLE!!!!!  (Yes, Coors was my idea.  I remember the days before you could buy it all over the country and I thought it would be interesting to see. I was WRONG!)  But I might have to try a Samuel Adams sometime. 

Fletch, you KNOW one of these days we we hopefully have the pleasure of meeting you and Kendra and all the Mangokids, as well as the Davis’s and I’ll even bring chocolate chip cookies since it seems that you can’t get anyone of your precious children or your wonderful wife to make you any.  And an Isaiah banquet it will be!!!

Diane, if you only knew…  I definately grew up in the world, when I think back to some of the crazy things I did I’m surprised that I’m the same person.  Well, I’m not the same person, but you know what I mean.  

Let me also clarify, I was a social drinker.  Now, it’s a special treat.  We might have a glass of wine one or two nights a week. Oh and how long has it been since I’ve had a beer??? Months and months.  Of course summer’s here and ya never know.  And at my Dad’s last month, I made coffee one night and we had some Kalua and coffee– yum, yum!