Is It Monday Yet????

It started Friday evening. 

We were planning on meeting Shane in town to go into the city for Shakespeare in the Park.  I had heated Banquet fried chicken in my Jet Stream and boiled corn and wrapped it all tight in foil so it’d stay warm.  Van wouldn’t start! Drats! Nice cool night, no rain (after 2 days straight and flash flooding to boot)  and no car to get there.  A mechanic friend and his wife came down, he beat on the gas tank while she cranked and it started.  Fuel pump.  Could run awhile, could not run again.   Saturday morning… van doesn’t run again.  Off to the rental car agency… muscle car for me… Dodge Charger.  Classified as a luxury car– but still won’t seat 6! Whoopee, except for the rain!  Shane says a car is a tool– I said not this car!  My van is a tool, this car is fun!  Princess is my daughter– she understands.  She loves fast cars. 

So Saturday is pretty much shot by the time we drive to get the rental and get back.  MIL called Sunday morning and invited us over for lunch after church.  Guess what?  Mentioned the car situation.  SIL is in Ghana right now and her car is sitting in their driving.  Wasted $30 on rental.  But it sure was fun while it lasted.  Now I’m driving their 10 year old gold Lumina, but it’s free and it is a tool to get me from point A to point B. 

Then Shane is using our $20 Jet stream (remember the bargain) to heat the children’s breakfast this morning– it dies!!! It’s not a total loss, beause now I know I’ll like it so Shane says order one from Nesco (the only place that has them in stock).  And I have the expander ring and extra racks.  They work great for cooling cookies too. 

So we take 2 cars to church (since when can 6 people fit in a 4 door Saturn comfortably? and the muscle car will only seat 5 too)  Shane gets pulled over on the way.  No he wasn’t speeding.  Are you kidding???  Shane rarely speeds (and besides, remember– I was in the muscle car).  His front license plate was stolen a few weeks ago and the Lone Jack police nothing better to do on a Sunday morning (mind you, Shane drives this route daily and Lone Jack is almost always there to generate revenue). 

Poor Sweet Cheeks bumped her head about 5 times at Grandma’s including once on the fireplace brick, complete with lots of red blood and swelling.  Don’t worry, she’s fine.   

We have to order the fuel pump.  Apparently Mazda doesn’t let Advanced, O’Reiley’s, Autozone or any other parts store carry many parts.  So it should be here Tuesday.  Our friend can put it on Wednesday (but I hate that–it’s his day off). 

I’m praising God this happened after swim lessons are over and not last week, and not while I was 2 hours from home on Thursday picking up a jogging stroller that I bought off Craigslist.  (not as far as it seems, as it was only about 50 minutes from where Shane works). 

It could be worse– and I did get to drive a pretty cool car for a day.  Without the children.  Probably good it was raining, or I might have ended up with a ticket  Although I admit, I did gun it a couple of times coming down the gravel road where we live, and on a straight stretch on the crossroad– I haaaaaad to. 

One of these days I’ll tell ya about my adventures in the pits of the SCCA races and autocrossing my sweet little VW Scirrocco.  Yes, beer and racing taint my past  





2 thoughts on “Is It Monday Yet????

  1. Wow… when it rains it pours. I have felt like that lately… too many things to deal with all at once!


  2. It looks like you just had too much all at once! But like a supermom that you are, you handled them all with such beauty. I had my smiles stiffed on my face the whole time I am reading your post. Too much but what fun it looks like! I love it that I have seen you IRL, your family news seems so alive to me than it ever did before. ILOVEYOU!


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