I Was Brave

Ok, this is my last post today.  Friday, Bubba came running inside and said "There’s a snake in the chicken house"  I’m like every woman since Eve–I HATE snakes!!!!!  But I had to do something.  So I took the pellet pistol (didn’t know where the .22 was nor how to load it and would have been afraid I would hit a chicken with it instead of the snake) and off I went.  Bubba went with me so he could show me where it was.  I really didn’t expect for it to still be there, but it was.  There’s a place in between the nesting boxes and the wall and there he was curled up right there… amid empty egg shells. 

It was dark in that corner, but he was big.  I took the safety off the pellet gun and shot it twice.  He twitched the first time.  After the second time, he slithered away.  He was at least 18" long, and 1" in diameter.  (That wasn’t the first egg he’d eaten.) I tried to see where he went, but I couldn’t tell.   I must have hit him, but when Shane got home he took the flashlight and said he didn’t see any blood.  We think it was probably a black rat snake, but not sure since I couldn’t, and really didn’t want to get a good look at him.  I bravely went to open the chicken house this morning (Shane does it on the weekends).  I looked around really well before I pulled the 2 eggs that were there this morning out… and I’ll look real well when I go again soon.  And I guess I’ll start closing it up again tonight.  Oooooo… I’ve got the creeps just thinking about it. 


8 thoughts on “I Was Brave

  1. Good ole' pellet guns. My sons look for reasons to use one. It all began when my now 19 yr old son was 6 and visiting his great-grandparents farm in North Dakota. My husband brought his pellet gun from his boyhood & the two of them enjoyed an afternoon of target practice where all they had to hit was the side of an old barn so of course, they were successful!


  2. You are brave! I'm not sure what I would have done! Hopefully you've scared that snake off for good!


  3. Oh Wow. That would be really hard to go back looking for eggs. I'm proud of you for shooting at it. I've caught small ones under a bucket before. And shot at groundhogs. But I'm impressed. I can't stand snakes…..


  4. Christine, In Oklahoma, Cloverbuds are for 5-8 and 4-H is for age 9 or entering the 4th grade. Maybe it is different for every state. I looked it up on the OK 4-H website. I have made some inquirys and hope to connect with a group or start a cloverbuds group. I am tossing around Contenders of the Faith, too. Have you heard of it? I think I will blog about it soon.


  5. eeewwww! I remember one evening when DH found a possum in the chicken house. That night there was a big ruccus and he got the gun and went out to shoot at whatever-it-was. Turned out to be a raccoon that time, scared DH half to death when it came running at him before he got the the hen house, he wasn't expecting it to have escaped yet. LOL Nevermind it was the middle of the night! LOL Poor guy.

    The new hen house we built is rodent proof and we don't have snakes much here. What a relief!!


  6. I know this is not to the subject of your post, but I wanted you to know that the first post for the HSB Literary Club is up and we have begun our second book, Self Raised. All details are on the blog and I hope you come join us!



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