I’m SO Proud

This was a great weekend.  Princess, Bubba and Little Bit have both been involved in 4-H this year.  Bubba and Little Bit in Clover Kids even Bubba was much more advanced.  He was kind of bored, but is looking forward to doing poultry in regular 4-h next year.  Anyway…

Princess submitted a geology poster, outlining the 3 kinds of rocks to enter in the county fair.  She received a blue, a purple and a yellow ribbon for her efforts.  Blue is 1st place.  Purple is "outstanding in category" and Yellow means that her poster is going to the state fair.  So, if you happen to be at the MO state fair in a few weeks, and happen to be in the 4-H building.  Look for her wonderful "3 Kinds of Rocks"  poster. 

I have written before about Little Bit’s using reading to control us.  And I think I wrote a while back that he had actually read a few "Bob Books"  He is finally 1 book away from completing the first set.  Today, he sat down and read no problem.  Friday though was a totally different story.  I made requirements that he would have to read a certain number of his own books for his library reading lists this summer.  He has finished his first list.  Yea!!! 

Bubba and Little Bit both finished 5 book lists and received a "prize" Bubba chose a water bottle, and Princess a lunch sack.  Very cool. 


2 thoughts on “I’m SO Proud

  1. I have been wondering about 4-H and homeschooling. I was a 4-Her, but don't you have to be in the school system? Did you find a homeschooling 4-H group, or can you do 4-H as an individual? How old do you have to be, I was thinking 3rd grade, but I don't know. I am curious and interested. ~Liz


  2. That's great about the fair!

    And hooray for the reading too! I just love it when they finally "get it"… to me, that is THE biggest building block in homeschooling. It's nice to get it out of the way, so to speak, as well.


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