We’ve Officially Started School for the Year/ Great Handwriting

Today was the day!  I pulled out the log book and started logging "official" school hours.  I guess during the early summer, vacation times, etc.  we are more "unschoolers"  I log hours, but we don’t "do school"

Today, we pulled the books out.  It will still be a light load until we return from vacation.   

Princess is doing Math on M/W/F and English on T/Th

Bubba is doing Math on M/W/F and Spelling on T/Th

Little Bit is doing Reading and handwriting M/W/F and speech on T/Th and maybe some math thrown in (he loves Math, so I’m using Math and Writing as a reward for reading– at least until the fall.  I have to start keeping official hours on him this year, so I’m hoping he’ll get past this using reading as a control issue. 

We are also finishing up "From Sea to Shining Sea for Children" (3 chapters), Trial and Triump (1 chapter), An Island Story (I think 3 chapters), some Burgess bird book, (from year 1’s schedule) and we’ll be increasing our studies on Boston, Plymouth, the Puritans, etc., in preparation for our trip in Sept.  We’ll also watch some Moody Science and Answers in Genesis videos, and I may find some other things to do along the way. 

We used Ambleside Online last year and LOVED it! So we will continue with that this year.  Many people say to start different ages on different years, but we decided to begin all 3 of the children on Year 1.   This makes it so much easier.  The children do their "book learning" (math, english, etc) seperately, then we can read together the chapters from AO.  Last year I had all the children verbally narrate, but this year, Princess will be doing more writing.   We are also going to try to add more music and art to our program this year. 

I have to tell you about "Handwriting Without Tears"  Bubba used it last year with cursive, both him and Princess had previously used "A Reason for Handwriting" and enjoyed it, but lets face it… just how many Scripture verse pictures can a child give away?  Bubba’s handwriting is wonderful.  A significant improvement over grade 1.  Yes, his printing improved by using "HWT" cursive.  Little Bit started his "HWT today. I’m sure I’ll be just as pleased with his work as I have been with Bubba’s. 


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  1. We started on the 16th. We also use Ambleside! I have Lambies in Years 4,3,2,1,and 0. I put two children in Year Two and two in Year ), with 1 being in each of the other Years. It's worked great so far! We really have had free afternoons, and the house is staying clean! We use HWT, too! But at our convention, Get Set For School and Can-Do Cursive were unavailable….

    Let us know how you weeks go along!

    P.S. What do you think about Fred Thompson as a Republican candidate?



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