Thanks but No Thanks

Shane and I both are disappointed in the Presidential candidates presenting themselves for the next election.  What are we going to do?  I have no idea! We don’t vote party line just to vote party line.  Although we have traditionally voted Republican, we have voted Democrat in a couple of local elections.   

Here are the two top running Dems:

Obama is a wolf in sheeps clothing.  Presenting himself as a "Christian" but his "church" does not even talk about it’s Christian beliefs– it’s all about being "black."  But you can make a financial contribution online!  

I was looking at Drudge on my google reader and found this article today.  I didn’t even have to read the article to know that I wasn’t going to like what it said.  But I read it anyway and didn’t.  Sex ed for kindergarteners???? Just where in the world is Dad and Mom????  Shouldn’t that be our responsibility to tell them that babies don’t come from Storks???

And then we have Hillary — IMO, 8 years with her in the White House was 8 years enough already!!!!  But there was thisarticle yesterday.  Thankfully, I don’t believe America would elect a woman yet.  And hopefully, America is not that dumb yet to vote one in like her!  Of course, New York must be a different story. 


One thought on “Thanks but No Thanks

  1. I hate to say it, but with Hillary running you never know. Women are so easily swayed with all the feminist rhetoric about being oppressed, entitled and all that garbage.

    Unfortunately, there are lots of idiot women out there that would vote for her just because she's a woman! And that goes for Republican women as well! If they don't think that way now, many will change their minds when the media and PR people put the right spin on it and either convince them or guilt them into voting for her. S-C-A-R-Y!

    What do you think about Brownback?


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