Other Pres Candidates

This has gotta be quick– it’s late, Sweet Cheeks was up 5 times last night (a full bottle at 3 of those 5 times) and it’s going to be a busy week.  Our friends from CA are coming back through this week.  A change of plans will bring them here Wednesday instead of Friday and there will be 10 of them.  One of the tents are up, the pop-up will be here Thursday evening, the other tent will be up Tuesday morning.  (the children are sleeping there).  The house will likely be empty except for Shane, Sweet Cheeks and I)

A couple of people have asked me about other candidates.  BTW, I am surprised, I thought Thompson and Gingrich had made their bids– but apparently they haven’t made it official yet. 

Fred Thompson– has the support of his (at least 2) ex-wives and his ex-girlfriend, country music singer Lorrie Morgan.  That says something about his charm, but not sure it says much about his morality or his sense of commitment.  (He was just elected as a Senator in TN about the time Shane and I married, and left TN, so I don’t know much about his voting record)

Guilliani– I admire the man for bringing New York through 9-11 However, he’s pro-abortion — today.  He’s also had several affairs, and several marriages. 

Newt– His affair ran simoutaniously with the "Monica" scandal– need I say more?   However, on Focus on the Family a few weeks ago, he stated that he has repented and made things right. 

Sam Brownback–Senator in our neighboring state of KS.  He seems to be a moral, upstanding candidate.  Stands on our side in everything but immigration.  He was for the amnesty program.  He is also a Christian.

Mike Huckaby– I like him as well as, or better than Ron Paul, but neither of them seem to have a chance.  He is also a believer.

Sad commentary below: 

The only major Republican contender who has only had one wife is Mitt Romney (the Mormon)

The top two Democratic runners (Hillary and Obama) have both only had one wife spouse. 

You might say I shouldn’t base my vote on someone’s marriage record.  I think it says alot about a person, and their commitment if they have been married several times, had affairs, etc.  Anyone remember Gary Hart???