A Busy, Busy, Busy Week

Last night, I mentioned our friends, Rick and Kellie et. all.  Kellie travelled to bring home their 2 boys when Shane did to get Sweet Cheeks.  They are coming back through town later this week.  She had planned on being here Friday but had emailed last week, asking if they could come earlier, but I never got it.  I called her yesterday to see if they were in MO yet, (they were supposed to be just down the road a ways ) but she’s still in GA.  After she filled me in on what had happened (whooping cough where they were planning on being) she asked if they could come earlier than planned.  Yippee!!! I was hoping for more time with this precious family and God has granted my request– just not how I thought it would be.  (Isn’t that how he works so often?) 

They will be here Wednesday. 

We are going to be gone all day today and home in time for bed tonight.  Tomorrow will be crunch day.  Getting the 2nd tent set up. The children will be out there– boys in one, girls in another.  Getting the sleeping mats out to the tents, and getting the air mattress set up in here for Kellie and the babies for Wednesday night.  (Our best friends are bringing their popup Thursday evening).  Finding the extra pillows, and sheets, getting the extra meals in order.  There are 6 of us and 10 of them, that’s a lot of food!    (I actually think that part is taken care of, for the most part, except for a few extra things I’ll need to pick up at the store while I’m in the city today).   Princess and I have horseback riding lessons on Tuesday evening.  So that basically leaves Tuesday during the day to get everything accomplished. 

Please pray for us, that I won’t get too stressed out in preparation.  That the visit will be a time of encouragement and refreshing, that all of the children will behave well, and for Rick and Kellie as they make a decision about moving to MO (YES!) 

See ya next week!


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