Only Have a Minute

The Warner’s have been here since Wednesday.  Rick got in yesterday and we are having the time of our life.  There are 12 children — how wonderful!  Trying to convice them they need to call a realtor here this morning and look for a house closer to us.  We’ll see… it’s all in God’s hands!



2 thoughts on “Only Have a Minute

  1. How exciting about having such good friends over… and for longer than expected!

    Great idea about the tents! I never would've thought of that… hmmmm… my big boys would LOVE it and my siblings would appreciate it as my boys talk in their sleep sometimes (okay, it's more like cry, yell and holler!).


  2. .. to have good friends like that! i am still looking for somebody in my neighborhood who could be my buddy, it would be sweet if she homeschools too.

    i've been very obsessed with my blog latelly, the perfectionist in me is creeping up so bad. hope ya all have a great weekend!


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