What a Bummer– Please Pray

We are still having a great time with our friends.  However, Saturday afternoon Zubah’s oxygen needs increased and his heart rate increased.  Kellie and I took a late afternoon run to Children’s Mercy.  One of the best children’s hospital’s in the country I might add.  I left them there in a room on the top floor around midnight.   We were hoping they’d let him out yesterday, but it didn’t happen.  Today looks likely.  He needed breathing treatments, but no infection.  When he is up to 6 hours between treatments, they’ll let him come "home"  They have to stay with us a little longer than planned… drats!!!  

We are praising God for 2 things: 

1.  This is the first time Zubah’s been hospitalized in over 4 months.  They made their entire 5 week trip without incident.  A couple of their children had colds last week, so we figure Zubah either caught the cold, or it’s the wonderful Missouri allergies.   

2.  This is the best place this could have happened because their Daddy joined us last Thursday, so Kellie is not having to worry about things "at home" too. 

He’s such a sweet boy. 

We’re still hoping and praying that they’ll get to move here.

The spirits are somewhat dampened, but the children are still having a GRAND time.  Hopefully the little guy and Mom will be back with us later today. 


One thought on “What a Bummer– Please Pray

  1. I'm glad Zubah made it home in time to play some more before they had to leave.

    Allergies and colds… all the rain we've had this summer here in Houston has really taken it's toll. We've been down that breathing treatment road many times…although never had to do an oxygen tank (praise the Lord).

    All of y'all's (your, y'all plural…you know what I mean) are beautiful!



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