I Haven’t Left, Just Busy

I have been super busy.  It seems I cannot  catch up on my google reader for almost anything.  I’ve been deleting drudge and STILL have over 100 entries to read.  Humpty, I know you’ve tagged me.  Hopefully tomorrow. …

We are so excited!!!!!!  We looked at property for our friends that want to move here Monday.  They have decided to buy it on our recommendation and about 25 pictures or so we took of the place.  It really is  beautiful.  I put the pictures here.   They have a 31ft. "mini house" they will probably live in for a time.  We’ve found a mobile home, that  Shane is going to look at on Saturday, but it needs ALOT of work.  So it may or may not work, but it is cheap! 

We have been trying to get back into a school schedule of sorts since the Warner’s left.  Not working too well. But we have a chore schedule that seems to be working pretty well so far. (only started 3 days ago) 

Kellie said that they do rotating chores.  That way no one child is ever stuck with the yucky jobs.  So we’ve tried it so far so good.  And, I’ve been able to see the floor of the boys rooms all week– Yippy!!!

Now I have to run and get some things done today, including a drive into town for Bubba’s new glasses. 


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