Humpty tagged me a few days ago.  (Okay, over a week ago now)  Yikes.  But with company that left the 1st, and Dr. appts for boys the next day, and shopping the next day, and looking a property for the Warner’s the next day… you get the picture I’m sure. 

Thought it was finally time to get around to answering the tag. 

Tagged Rules:

1).The player starts with 8 random facts about herself.

2).The person who is tagged must post on her own blog her answers and post the rules first.

3).Then the player must pick 8 people and tag them. Also leave them a note on Message that lets them know that you tagged them. You can write who you tagged on your blog also!

Facts about Me:

1.  In my past life ( a long, long loooooong time ago) I have been a ballroom dance instructor,  a bartender, and a "race car" driver (okay it was only autocrossing, but boy was it fun). 

2.  My Dad MADE me eat raw oysters when I was a kid so I would eventually like them (and I do, but don’t eat them often) 

3.  When I was little  I wanted to be a wife and mother, white picket fence and all.  I don’t have the white picket fence, but I have a wonderful hubby and 4 (so far) great children!

4.  I like Atlanta Bread Company’s mocha’s better than Starbucks.

5.  One of my "dream cars" is a Mini-Cooper.  Yea, like that’s gonna happen anytime soon with 4 children hehehe.  In fact, it’ll probably NEVER happen, but it’s nice to dream.

6.  I LOVE livin in the country and hate drivin in the city

7.  Shane has taught me to enjoy history; but he still can’t get me to like Math!

8.  I think that Melaluca’s sol-u-mel www.melaleuca.com yes, I believe it’s trademarked) is wonderful! It got a yucky black, tar stain up from my van carpet, that I thought would NEVER come out and chewing gum, or sticky tac, not sure which, from my carpet in the dining room.  (both with the diluted formula–wow!)  Look at what I found from this website  http://www.rmbarry.com/research/insects.html   – gonna have to try it and see if it works! (sorry the insert link box wasn’t working too well this morning). 

As for tagging others, I’ll leave that up to you.  If you haven’t done this tag yet, consider yourself tagged.  Leave me a comment and let me know so I can come see your answers. 



3 thoughts on “Tagged!

  1. I love Sol-u-Mel, too! It got Silly Putty out of the carpet. I really like using a mixture of a few drops of it and about a tsp of Tough & Tender in a 16-oz bottle of water for most of my cleaning.



  2. Ballroom dance instructor? Okay, all that in #1 is not a very typical combination, is it?

    The only thing about a MINI is that you would totally get squished around here! So maybe it's good that you don't have one… I don't want a squished aligirl on my hands or conscience!

    I'm bad about doing tags right away as well. Usually because it requires a little peace and a little quiet to get done. That doesn't happen at the most convenient times around here.

    Check out my marriage tag. Don't worry, I can wait another week for results. Marriage taught me patience, you know!



  3. .. doing all the number 1.. haha
    race car, ballroom dancing.. hard to believe my christine can do that..lol
    i did this tag too, check out mine if you haven't seen it yet..


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