Blessed are the Pure in Heart…

for they shall see God. 

Every other Thursday night or ladies class meets.  We are still studying Martin Lloyd-Jones book on the beatitudes.  It has been a wonderful study and I encourage each of you, if you haven’t to read it at some point. 

Last Thursday we discussed his sermon on the pure in heart. 

I have always beaten myself up when I sin.  I think I, with the help of the Holy Spirit, should be able to put the sin behind me.  I HATE it when I sin.  As I’m almost certain each of you reading would too. 

Now I don’t have to… and neither do you.  It’s so simple, I can’t understand I didn’t realize it before. 

The keyword is DESIRE!  Do I desire to pure in heart?  Yes.  Am I repentant when I sin?  YES!  Then I qualify, and so do you. 

See how simple it is?  Isn’t it wonderful. 


2 thoughts on “Blessed are the Pure in Heart…

  1. I have also struggled with past sins. Sins that I have repented of and asked forgiveness for… And yet by me continually beating myself up over it, I am saying that God is not able to forgive me. Can you believe the nerve of me?!

    I am so thankful that God is bigger and more powerful and more loving and more gracious and more forgiving and more merciful than I could dream of, hope for or be!


  2. Hi Christine,
    My beautiful Chrysanthemum (DD) will be 17 tomorrow (Sat. Aug 18th). I'd like to suprise her with LOTS! of birthday greetings from around the blog-o-sphere. Please visit her blog RedwallWindow and leave a comment and spread the word to others. Thanks.


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