Look At This– Sweet Cheeks Can See

After Bubba’s new Walmart glasses broke twice in less than 2 weeks,  we decided to get a refund and try something else.   A couple of weeks ago, we went to "America’s Best" As long as you know something about the size glasses you need, they are an excellent choice for inexpensive, nice, name brand frames (on most eye glasses, you can look at the bridge and the arm and find sizes. For example 130 might be on the arm, and 16/40 on the nosepiece.) 

I looked for some frames for Sweet Cheeks, but didn’t see any for babies. 

But when we went to pick up Bubba’s I happened to think about asking them if they had baby frames.  And they had 2 that fit her perfectly! So instead of nearly $300 for hers, or nearly $500 for both to have 1 pair each, we got both children 2 pairs for under $200!!!! and a 1 year warranty on each pair (they will replace each pair once in the year–so each pair has to last 3 months–hopefully they can do that!).

Honestly, I wasn’t sure I was going to like glasses on Sweet Cheeks.  I’d seen glasses on babies before that looked clunky and not very attractive.  But you gotta see this–

Aren’t they cute?? Yep! She’s asleep.  It’s the only time she ever stops

Here’s one that’s more "normal" In case you can’t tell, she’s dancin.  Even more "normal" would be one of her climbing something, but she moves too fast to get a picture of that. It’s unusual to get her to stop long enough to get any pictures of her like this.   

Busy, busy girl.  Amazing how much better she’s walking, and reaching for things and finding them with the glasses. 

BTW, her new words "uh-oh" and "cheese, please" not to mention that she tries to say nearly everything we do.  She gets the syllables and voice inflection right.

Oh and one more picture.  We went to the State Fair the last week and met a giraffe at the "exotic petting zoo" Don’t ask me why we have an orangish tint–it’s gotta be the camera.


3 thoughts on “Look At This– Sweet Cheeks Can See

  1. Beautiful little girl you have been blessed with! I hope the new pair of glasses last a loooooong time!



  2. How cute!!! Those glasses look great on her!

    Y'know, I always wanted glasses when I was little. Don't ask me why, I just always did. Now my parents, 2 of my sisters and my brother wear glasses… but I still have perfect vision. Drat! Oh well, there's hope for me when I'm old. Maybe I can get some reading glasses or something. 😉



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