Leaving Home

We start our vacation tommorrow.  Yippee!!! We will probably be heading to the airport early tomorrow morning in hopes of flying standby to Boston.    Otherwise our flight will get there about midnight.  We have been looking forward to this vacation for several weeks now, mmmm maybe months.  Shane has our schedule made and everyone has a copy.  We’re going to Plymouth Plantation, the ocean, whale watching, maybe Salem (not sure, may be too scary) and several other assorted places of historical significance in America’s history.  I LOVE homeschooling– where else can you have school and call it a vacation!!!!

One more exciting thing about vacation, we are meeting up with Little Bit’s foster family.  They haven’t seen each other since we left NJ with him almost 4 years ago.  He doesn’t remember much– in fact he asked if they we’re white or brown the other day, lol.  We’re going on a Cape Cod tour with them on Saturday.  Should be an exciting day. He is somewhat nervous though, he always gets this way when we travel, but has been moreso with seeing Dah and Poppy.  So, if you think about it, you might lift him up in prayer.  Somehow, he gets the idea that when we travel, he’s not going to come home with us. Oftentimes, we can reassure him and he’s okay.  But can still be stressful for all of us. 

I can’t believe I got all of the children’s clothes in one huge suitcase!   One smaller suitcase for my clothes and diapers, sippy cups, etc. (for Sweet Cheeks, not me) and one for Shane.  I’ll more than likely be doing a load or two of laundry while we’re there but that’s okay too– less to do when we get home.  Throw in the pack and play, jogging stroller and Ergo, take out the car seat and we’ll be set.  ** reminder to self,  check to make sure there are no cracker crumbs, raisins, sesame sticks etc. growing in the car seat** Each child will have a backpack to keep them occupied at the airport and on the plane.   And everything will go as planned — HA! *** next reminder to self, expect someone to leave something on the plane, to be delayed, someone to puke or some such other "crisis"***

On a couple of other notes–

1.  Sweet Cheeks is adjusting well to her new glasses.  If she would only keep them on when I’m not looking we’d be dancin!  Amazing how much steadier she is on her feet, and also reaching for things. 

2.  Our friends from California will be here this weekend most likely!!!! And we are looking forward to spending lots of time with them when we get back from Boston. 

See ya in 10 days or so– May God bless each of you with riches and mercy and grace.



3 thoughts on “Leaving Home

  1. I love being able to take a vacation and count it as school, too! Freebie days, whoopie! We'll have a few of those next week, also. I really want to get out to Boston one day with my family, too. Looking forward to reading about your trip when you return!


  2. I hope you are having soooo much FUN right now! I am leaving you a comment, because I am actually logged in, and I can! I don't log in very often. I think of you ALL THE TIME! (((((HUGS))))) sandi


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