We Survived Boston!!! And That’s Saying ALOT!

Wow!!! What a week.  We had a wonderful time and I will upload pics later and tell you all about Boston.  We saw whales, Paul Revere’s house, "Mother" Goose’s grave, the North Bridge, Bunker (or Breed’s) Hill, purchased candy from the oldest candy shoppe in America ate GREAT seafood and assorted other things one can only do in the Boston area.  For now know that traffic was terrible.  We are fortunate to have survived driving downtown.  No, not as terrible as Liberia (at least in this country we have seat belts and no humongous potholes).  I also found out that Bostonians are very friendly people. 

We are very tired and very hungry.  I’ll write more tomorrow. 


One thought on “We Survived Boston!!! And That’s Saying ALOT!

  1. I'm glad you made it back safely! It sounds like a grand trip– you HAVE to share your itinerary with me. I hope to take the boys in the next year.



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