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I know all 3 of you are waiting with baited breath to hear more about our vacation to Boston. 

I have actually gotten almost everything put away from the trip– something that usually isn’t done for several days after travelling.  So, that’s where I’ve been. 

Before we left we purchased "go boston"cards for one price to all the places we wanted to see.  It was a 7 day pass, but they have 3 and 5 day passes available.  We broke even.  If it had not taken 20 minutes to get everyone in and out of the car each time, we might have gotten ahead and seen more things. 

Let me start by saying that the small "big city" was too big for this country girl.  And way to expensive!  We were shocked when we stopped for dinner at "Legal Seafood" and the bill for 5 (3 that were kids meals) was nearly $100.00 We really thought our budget was blown, but that was an expensive restaurant even for Boston.  We found much cheaper seafood later. We also had a room with a microwave and stopped at Trader Joe’s for some enchilda’s one night (yummy– we don’t have TJ’s here, but I’m hoping for one soon).   Parking on the other hand… $33.00 on labor day for 5 hours.  Yikes!  One day we parked for free (and walked) and then we found cheaper parking later, but even that was $14.00. 

We started by going to the beach on Friday in New Hampshire.  It was one of the colder days of our visit, but is was the day that worked for the beach.  Princess and Bubba had never seen the ocean, and Little bit had forgotten what it was like.  They all LOVED it!  Sweet Cheeks liked it okay until a wave hit her face, then she was done.  She sat in the stroller the rest of the time with chattering teeth (one of the rare times that we’ve actually seen her cold). 

Saturday, we went on a tour of Cape Cod with LB’s foster parent’s.  He did really well with them, even though he was a little too bouncy.  It seemed to bring some closure for him, and some reassurance that they still loved him, they just couldn’t care for him as he needed.  We got a one hour tour on a boat and saw (drumroll please, yes, I’m being a smarty pants) the "Kennedy Compound"  It’s 3 houses– and not even the biggest one. 

Bubba did get very excited because we drove by Thorton Burgess’s home in Sandwich.  Then downside of a bus tour– you only go where the bus goes.  I would have loved walking around this quaint little "village" but no, we had to shop in Hyannis port– yuck. 

Sunday we went to a Reformed Presb. church that had women leading worship and reading scripture– I guess that is conservative for MA, considering almost every other church we saw was Unitarian.  Then we went to "Five Wits" and Shane got stuck in the Boston Sox’s traffic.  We also went to the MIT museum that day.  Very interesting. 

Monday, we went whale watching (that was $33 parking day).  We saw several humpback whales.  A few up close and personal.  Very fun. Bubba was blessed, he also saw a minky and a fin whale.  We were on the wrong side of the boat.  Here’s a humpback. 

Tuesday.  Would you believe we can’t remember what we did Tuesday? Must have been very memorable. HA!   Oh yea! We went to Concord.  We were disappointed to discover Louisa May Alcott’s family was transindentalist.   Her father’s education philosophies are present in many government schools this day and he did not believe in corporal punishment.  He also began the first "school of philosophy" built right behind the family home. 

Wednesday, we did the Freedom Walk.  We could have gone on a tour, but decided to do it on our own instead.  We saw the Old South Church (it’s a museum now), Paul Revere’s home, and Mary Goose’s grave.  Yes– Mother Goose is buried in the same cemetary as many of our country’s founders. 


Thursday– We finished the Freedom Walk by seeing the Bunker Hill (Breed’s hill) monument. Shane and the 3 older children climbed all 289 (I think) steps.  Shane said they had them numbered! We also saw "Old Ironsides"  Here is a picture from the top of the Bunker Hill memorial.

They still shoot 2 of the cannons daily when they raise and lower the flag. We were told that they had to decrease the powder in the cannons because the noise from the shot was blowing out windows across the bay in Boston. In case you don’t know, the USS Constitution was one of the first 6 ships commissioned by our US Navy. It is the oldest ship still commissioned.  And it still goes out into the bay occassionally.  We were told that boys as young as 8 were enlisted and they carried gun powder for the cannons during battle through the smokey deck.  Most men on ship lost their hearing from the cannons.   

Here is a picture of one of the 2 twin cannons that were stolen from the Continential Army– these cannons are believed to have been part of the reason the Continentials marched to Concord. 

We also drove past, but didn’t stop. 

Shane thought it would have been neat to have taken a pic of the children with their shirts above their heads, like they were headless, but they didn’t like the idea. 

I’m going to continue a part 2.  This is getting a little long.  And I need to go get breakfast for the troops here.


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  1. When I went to Boston my favorite place was Fanueil Hall (probably spelling that wrong, but too lazy to stop writing this comment and go look it up. LOL!)


  2. it sure sounds like you all kept busy!! sounds like a great trip and even greater memories. we hope to do some great stuff while here in the USA the next few months.


  3. Besides the hefty prices, it sounds FABULOUS!

    And I LOVE Shane's idea of the headless picture. I'll have to remember that…


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