Up Close (as I can get)

Marsha asked for a closer shot of the new avatar–

This is the best I can do with this picture.   You know the more children you get the harder it is to get a good close up group pic.  I’ll have ta see about getting some close ups of  *gasp* *cough* *choke” each of us????  (Do I have ta really??? )

BTW, I read someone’s blog recently about hotels.  We have never had a problem at a choice hotel they let us pile in.  We like Quality or Comfort.  And they both sometimes have suites and no one sleeps on the floor then.  We are members of HSLDA, so we get their discount.  This trip, the boys slept in the second bed (Bubba fusses that Little Bit takes the covers, but I’ve seen Bubba laying across Little Bit, so who is Bubba to complain?).  Princess slept in the “closet” and Sweet Cheeks in her pack and play by the door.  We ask for extra pillows and an extra blanket and it works.  Also, we felt very welcomed in most places in Boston– BIG surprise πŸ™‚

Now for the pic… (When I look at SC’s now I’m amazed at how big she’s gotten in just a few months)


2 thoughts on “Up Close (as I can get)

  1. See, this is why we're such good friends– you humor me! πŸ™‚

    I think it is a lovely family photo– even with the occasional funny expression. And the colors and prints that y'all are wearing are so fun and festive!



  2. you guys look GREAT! i love the colors! aha, my wish to have us all in a filipino native costume! what fun!

    imissyou christine! i hope our families will get together again.. someday. give our love to shane & the kids!


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