Blessings of Friendship

I have been thinking about how blessed I am.  I cannot even express how blessed I feel.  I now have 2 really wonderful close friends.  These are the kind of friends that I feel that I can pick up the phone any time and call.  The kind of friends that I can call on when I’m in need or just to chat.  Not to say that I don’t have friends IRL.  I do, several in fact, but none with that very close friendship in a very long time.  

Maybe some of you have been where I was.   For a long time I was alone. 

There was a very dry time.  Several things happened and I had no one but God and Shane.

When the church where Shane was preaching  closed the doors– there was no one. 

When we were told we wouldn’t be able to adopt Little Bit– there was no one.  (except those that told us it wasn’t a big deal)

When LB finally did come home and was such a terror for months and months — there was no one to help. 

Then Shane encouraged me to start blogging.  And I’ve met so many wonderful people online.  Including hearing about our newest daughter, all through blogging.  I am so thankful for this community and fellowship. 

Then I met Tammy.  I had seen her at ballet and visited with her enough to know they had purchased property not far from us.  But we didn’t run into each other very often. Come to think of it, she probably thought I was stalking her because everytime I saw her I’d ask if they had started building yet, and when they were moving.  Then her daughter and Bubba ended up in the same ballet class 2 years ago.  And they moved just down the road.  (they still don’t have their house built, but they’ve bought another house while they wait).  And we became great friends.

What a blessing she has been to me.  I have cried on her shoulder and She’s been there when I’ve needed her.  We’ve shared animal chores when each other is out of town… etc.  Her husband has helped Shane haul wood for our stove since Shane’s truck died.  Shane has helped Carl too. They have similar values and goals for their children.  She has literally been a God-send to me.  How many friends do you have that you can call and can call you before 8o’clock in the morning???

Then I was able to meet Kellie.  Shane’s traveling buddy to Liberia.  We have had an instant bond that goes deeper than having children from Liberia.  We think so much alike about so many things.  Her entire family (all 8 children and her hubby Rick) are precious to us already and we’ve only just met in person this summer.  (Although Kellie and I have spent a lot of time on the phone and emailing each other the past year.)  Kellie and the children are here at their little house on their beautiful 6 acres, while Rick is in CA for now working.  He’ll be here in a couple of weeks.  For now, they’ll be going back and forth– I already know I’m going to miss them so much when they go back to CA and so are the children.  Bubba especially has enjoyed having boys to play with.   Funny Kellie was fixing Chicken Enchilda’s for dinner tonight and so was I. So we had dinner together.  She brought her stuff (with red sauce) and we had ours (with white sauce) and shared chips, salsa and toppings.  Shane actually suggested it and said “as long as you don’t get tired of each other” I just smiled and said “no way”  

Kellie and Tammy and crew went to the zoo with us Saturday.  Imagine 4 adults, 3 babies under 2, 10 children under the age of 11, and one 17 year old young lady trapsing to the chimpanzee habitat.  (And Shane being the only man since Rick is in CA and Carl had a work day already planned with his oldest son).  We were a sight, but a good time was had by all.  The weather was beautiful and we saw some great animals including a baby baboon.   

As I’m thinking about blessings of friendship, I cannot help but think of our new church home.  Several months old now, but still new.  When we were in Boston, I missed being there.  I missed the friendships we are building with like minded believers.  This is also new to me.  It’s been a very long time, if ever where I’ve been in a fellowship of believers where I felt I could be “real” and be accepted regardless. 

I have no idea why God allowed such a dry spell.  Maybe I needed to learn more dependence on Him and on Shane.  Maybe I needed to learn to appreciate these wonderful friendships now that I have them.  I truly do not know, and I’m not gonna ask… 

God’s blessings are beyond compare.


One thought on “Blessings of Friendship

  1. Amen! Friends truly are a blessing… and GOOD friends that are like-minded– wow, talk about a super blessing!

    I've always had friends per se, but it took many years to find ones that are not just takers, but givers as well. Those that I can trust AND respect. Those that I choose to be around because I like them and not just because we work in the same office, live next door to each other or go to school and both have last names that start with the letter H!

    Yup, I really appreciate my friends, both here and IRL. And my sisters. Ahh…they are truly great friends, even with the miles between us. But I thank God the most for my bestest friend– my husband! Man oh man, I so don't deserve all this goodness!



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