Even More on Boston

Yes, I know it’s been several days since I said “more tomorrow”  but life has a way of doing that to ya, ya know? 

I think I left off with Friday.  Which was my favorite day.  We went to Plymouth. 

Where we saw “the rock” 

The Monument to the forefathers.  WOW! Very impressive, standing tall on the hill.  But hardly anyone was visiting it– so sad.  I’ve posted several pics, but you still won’t get the idea as to how amazing this is.  Here are a couple of websites to look at.

Then the plantation itself. 

We spent quite a while speaking with different settlers. Here we are visiting with Elizabeth Winslow on the Mayflower II.  Not a great pic I know, but you get the idea.

Very interesting.  I never thought of how rough it was for them. They were treated as cargo.  Each family had an area that they could do what they wished.  Many platform beds with room for storage underneath. They were in total darkness for the 2 month voyage. Not wanting to burn candles (using their resources), or have the portholes open (let in water). She said they never went on deck because they couldn’t get in the way of the crew.  No wonder many got sick. And in case you’re wondering, they used a pot while someone held a curtain around them,then threw the waste out the “window”

 Princess prepared corn for winter with Mary Chilton (with her back facing us in the red hat) and the boys hauled the shucks to the barn for the livestock. 

While on the freedom walk we saw the tombs of Mary Chilton and the Mather’s.  Here is one of them.  They thought by marking the graves they were violating the 2nd commandment.

Saturday was meant to be the highlight of the trip for Shane.  We went to Quincy where his hero resided in this life.  John Quincy Adams.  We were totally disappointed.  The tour driver was almost rude and drove like a maniac. The church where John Adams and John Quincy are buried with their wives charged “admission” and they had a rainbow flag proudly displayed. (We certainly didn’t give them money). I’m sure they think because of his stand against slavery, John Quincy would be on their side, but they are terribly mistaken.  Needless to say this is all we got.

Yep! A plaque attached to the outside of the building that says they are entombed in the building.

We also took the tour of the Adam’s homes.  Shane had been looking forward to seeing “the library” since we started planning this trip how many months ago? (If you’re any kind of regular, you KNOW our love for old books). Usually the tours actually gets to go INTO the library.  But guess what?  Of all the days in the year, we decided to go on the morning that there was an annual meeting.  “come back in the afternoon” we were told. Yeah right, we’re on a schedule and have other things planned for the afternoon. Here’s all we got of it.

Our other plans consisted of driving 2 hours back to Lexington and our hotel and getting everything packed and dinner. 

Here’s Sweet Cheeks with Daddy walking across the battlefield in Lexington

And here’s an inscription by one of the entrances to the park

And that’s exactly what happened. There was plenty more that we saw.  The site of the Boston Massacre.  The site of the first government school, many, many graves of our founders, etc. We have plenty more pics, but I’m tired of uploading on dialup. Anybody want to come over for the slideshow????? 

BTW, on a related sidenote.  What did we miss at Fenuel Hall??? We looked and looked, but all we saw was a post office and expensive, cheap souvenier shops on the main floor. Was there a way to get to the 2nd floor that we missed??? Drats if we did!!!!